Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb


March 2020

Sadly, and reluctantly, future meetings are postponed until further notice.

Wednesday, 18th March

Next Wednesday we have a talk on bee colony behaviour by Ian Jobson. Ian started keeping bees and was concerned when they swarmed and annoyed his neighbours. He had to decide whether to give up beekeeping or learn to stop them swarming. He decided that he wanted to carry on so embarked on a learning curve which eventually resulted in him achieving Master Beekeeper qualification. Ian is active on the internet, just Google “Northumbrian bees Ian Jobson”, to see a lot more. Ian is travelling from north of Morpeth to talk to us, so I hope to see a good turnout.

Wednesday, 15th April

As some of you may know Ros Nichol, who has been our treasurer for many years, wishes to hand over to somebody else. Dick no longer has bees and feels that now is the time to hand over to an active beekeeper. The meeting will be dedicated to discussing the future of the group. We have potential volunteers to take over the two roles so don’t be worried about being pressurised.


We have purchased the DVD of the Academy Award nominated film about a Macedonian beekeeper.

Northern Beekeepers 2020 Convention

Details to be announced soon. Their volunteers are still working on plans which will come in a slightly different format and be slightly later in the year than normal. However, this may well change in light of the Coronavirus problems.


Subscriptions are now due and unchanged and remain excellent value at:
Ordinary Members £5.00
Junior Members £2.50
Joint Membership (2 persons) £7.50